Hi there! 

My name is Gabriella and I’m a “20-Something Year Old” living in the busy city of Toronto.

I’m completing my PhD in School and Clinical Child Psychology at OISE/U of T! I love knitting (check out Nocita Knits!), doing yoga, watching documentaries, and all the dogs. Seriously, dogs are the best.

I’m originally from “small city” Ottawa, and have recently made the transition to life in the 6ix. Join me as I document my (not so) glamorous life as a twenty-something year old.

As a little taster:

  1. I’m about 10 years behind my original life schedule
  2. I’ve turned all my clothes pink
  3. I’ve eaten hotdogs for a week straight
  4. I’ve fallen asleep on the streetcar and missed my stop
My personal disclaimer is...

Don’t take this blog too seriously. In fact, don’t take life to0 seriously. Roll with the punches, and keep on keeping on!