Health, Fitness, and … McDonald’s Waffle Fries

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Hello everyone!

I apologize for the very large gap in my blog posts – I have been trying desperately to get my busy life back in order I will save you the excuses. We’re all too busy for excuses anyway.

Recently I began (another) journey into a healthier lifestyle. I have always been someone who has to do things one step at a time, so I started with a more structured exercise plan and will then move on to making sure I eat whole, healthy foods (Note: In the meantime pizza pockets and sour keys are doing just fine!).

As with many other twenty-somethings I do a daily peruse of Pinterest fitness motivation posts to keep the wheels in motion. As usual, I found many awesome workout routine postshilarious memes, and motivational quotes.

But then I came across this:

Screen Shot 2016-11-23 at 1.41.30 PM.png

McDonald’s is now serving waffle fries. WAFFLE FRIES. And yea, we’re loving it. But let’s think about this for a second. In 2014, 14,222,521 Canadian men and women (54% of the population!) over the age of 18 self-reported as being overweight or obese. And, roughly 60,000 new cases of Type II diabetes occur in Canada each year.

Now let’s flip this a bit. A Stats Can survey (albeit a somewhat outdated survey) found that 25% of Canadians reported eating fast food the day before the survey. Of these Canadians, 33% were between 14-18 years old, and 40% were between 19-30 years old (my fellow 20-something year olds!). Now for the healthy stuff. In 2014, roughly 40% of Canadians reported eating fruits and vegetables five or more times a day. This suggests that well over half the population is not getting the daily suggested servings of fruits and vegetables. So, not the best news.

Now don’t get me wrong. I am probably going to make my way to McDonald’s to get some waffle fries (because: yum). But as a (financially unstable) consumer trying to make healthy choices, I have taken it upon myself to create some ads I think Canadians should be excited to see.







Until this happens- I’m Gabriella Nocita, Stay Classy Canada! 


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