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Hi friends!

I was doing some thinking, and I realized that I know some very creative, very talented people. People who have creative hobbies that they turned into pass times, side jobs, or careers. I love this, these are my people.

I feel so happy to know these amazing individuals that I decided to dedicate this blog post to showcasing their work.

Tip: Click on any of the pictures to view them full size and leave comments!

Nadina Mahadeo – Nadina Designs

[Calligraphy, lettering, graphic design]

Nadina started out creating handmade cards. She was using stamps, but thought it would be prettier and more personal to hand write the cards instead. She began taking calligraphy courses and writing every day. She has since learned new techniques, including brush and hand lettering, embossing, water colouring, and digitalized lettering.

Nadina has created numerous pieces since starting Nadina Designs in 2015. She has been commissioned for wedding invitations, place cards, mirrored seating charts, chalkboard signs, thank you and holiday cards, framed quotes, and much more. Most of which were commissioned by me, because I’m needy #NumberOneFan (but other ‘real’ clients as well)!

Check her out on Instagram or Facebook to order from her. She can literally write on everything!

Instagram @nadinadesigns

Facebook /nadinadesigns

Sarah Gardiner

[Crochet toys]

Sarah is the beautiful mama of a beautiful little girl. Like many awesome moms, Sarah prefers to know the ins and outs of what she’s giving/feeding/occupying her child with. Luckily for her cutie (and all of you), she is also very crafty. Dedicated mom + crafty = ??

Handmade crochet toys!

Sarah creates and crafts her own uniquely designed toys. So far her inventory includes dolls, toy animals, and clothes/accessories for the toys. Although she started out just making toys for her daughter’s pleasure, she is now looking to expand her collection and sell her toys! This is great news for you, me, and all the precious little ones in our lives!

Seriously though, how cute are these toys?!

To find out more or put in your order, check out Sarah’s Facebook page!

Facebook /craylay crochet

Alison Kirkpatrick

[Cross stitching]

Why be ordinary when you can be extraordinary? This is 100% Alison’s motto – and it shines through with her creative side. She is definitely one of the most creative and crafty people I know. But, by far my favourite skill of hers is her ability to delicately walk the line between beautiful and offensive.

Alison’s cross-stitching masterpieces are much different than what may first come to mind when you think “cross stitch”. Pretty boarders and flowers make it seem like she’s as traditioinal as they come, but then BAM – she hits you with the good stuff. DMX lyrics? Superheroes? Movie quotes? Too-tired-to-care mantras? It’s exactly what you want.

She currently cross stitches for enjoyment, and for all celebrations of me and my life. Try bugging her via DM on social media if you want something awesome!

Kayla Scarr – The Fervent Artist


Kayla’s passion and kindness makes her a beautiful woman, inside and out. This beauty is epitomized in her photography. From engagement photos to weddings, maternity shoots to family portraits, Kayla’s photos are all unique, breath taking, and refreshingly candid. Definitely the type of work you’d proudly place on you fireplace mantel!

When she’s not capturing priceless moments, she’s taking care of her two adorable daughters. She may be a bit busy with her brand new baby #2 (Congratulations, Kayla!), but definitely check her out on Instagram and Facebook to view more of her work and book your photo session.

Instagram @theferventartist

Facebook /theferventartist

Katie Dubeau

[Cakes, cupcakes, baked goods]

Katie started taking cake decorating courses after agreeing to make her sister’s wedding cake. Daunting? Maybe. But she handled it like a pro! She definitely has a natural talent for baking and decorating. Case in point: her earliest work is just as meticulous, creative, and impressive as her most recent work. Her experience includes children’s birthday cakes, wedding cakes, dessert table cupcakes, and baked good boxes. The best part? Not only does her baking look good … it tastes fantastic! #DoubleDuty

Check her out on Facebook for more photos and examples of her work, and send her a message to satisfy your sweet tooth!

Facebook Katie’s Cakes

 Melissa Dauncey

[Art, special effects makeup, costume design]

Professionally, Melissa is a hair stylist (Fernandino Bayshore). As a “hobby” she creates beautiful masterpieces and designs awesome cosplay makeup and costumes.Her skill set includes acrylic painting, charcoal/chalk/graphite drawing, clay working, and special effects makeup (to name a few)! These crafty skills enable her to create perfectly on point cosplay and Halloween costumes. Plus, her natural ability to think outside the box makes for very creative concepts. Tank Girl meets Harley Quinn cosplay, anyone??

Although Melissa creates for her own pleasure, she would love to share her progress and creations with you. Check out her Instagram page to follow her work!

Instagram @ad.melisillustrated

Katarina Nocita – K Hair Lounge

[Hair styling]

Katarina has been doing hair professionally for 14 years and recently opened her own hair salon, K Hair Lounge [check out K HAIR LOUNGE: Hair Done Right]. She keeps herself educated in the most up to date trends including undercuts, hair tattoos and pastel colouring. She has taken hair courses across North America, learning new cutting, colouring, and styling techniques along the way. Katarina has a natural talent for hair, seeing things in ways others don’t. She has a full repertoire of cutting, colouring, highlighting, and styling. Also, she is the reigning queen of bangs. She also happens to be my sister. So I’ve always had awesome hair. #JustSaying

Next up? New York City to learn some new techniques – just in time for the holiday season. Check her out on Instagram to see more of her work – and when you’re sold, give her a shout at Fernandino Bayshore to book your appointment

Instagram @k.hair.lounge

Fernandino Bayshore 613.596.4992

Okay, so! As you can see…I have some pretty talented friends!!

I hope you enjoyed this talent round up as much as I did. It seems like each day I learn about more hidden talents that my friends have – so I definitely think there will be another round up in the future! If you think I’ve missed someone or would like your talents and creations showcased, please comment below. I would love to hear from you!


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