Sit and Knit (+ Free Pattern!)


Hello friends!

It’s been a while. Although I’m sorry, I won’t promise another prolonged absence is not going to happen. I’m just not into lying!

I want to say that I’ve been quite busy (and I sort of have been), but I know that the truth is I’ve mostly been doing a whole lot of nothing. A whole lot of nothing, with the exception of letting my mind rest and my creative juices flow.This includes, but is not limited, to:

  • knitting
  • crocheting
  • colouring
  • sewing
  • learning new languages
  • watching a lot of Supernatural and Disney movies

There is, as usual, about one kershzillion (that’s a lot) things that I should be doing. But, I will be starting my 22nd year of formal education in a couple of weeks and I though to myself:

Maybe you should just take a little break before you spontaneously blow into one kershzillion pieces.

During this mental break I really got in touch with what it means to be me. Specifically, I remembered that I’m a huge Google searching nerd who has all the hobbies of a mid-1950s house wife. I like to sit quietly and observe others. I do not like going out. And I like pizza. A lot.

In my blog absence I also made a few items to help me with my mid-1950s house wifery, including a retro apron and some cotton dishcloths. But by far the best thing I did during my writing break was create my very own Etsy shop!

Etsy (n.)

An online website where hipsters go to buy gifts, and students post handmade items to supplement their income and pay their rent.

The Tale of Gabriella and the Magic Knitting Needles

My mom taught me to knit when I was about 8 years old. I remember using some old blue yarn she had to make this really awful scarf-type…thing. I also remember attempting to teach my Nonna to knit, only to find out she was actually more efficient and effective than a factory machine.

One day, my sister convinced me to pull my scarf-type thing apart. And I spent the next little while running around the house unravelling my work while she held the…thing. Thinking back, it had to have been pretty long, because we unravelled (and made a huge mess) for a while. After the scarf-type thing unravelling event, I didn’t touch another pair of knitting needs until more than a decade later.

And then one whimsically clear night, when all the little children were tucked away safely in their beds, dreaming sweet dreams…

…I got tired of my ex-boyfriend only wanting to watch TV and knew I had to do something with my hands before I used them to smash the TV into one kershzillion pieces.

I immediately went to my mom and asked her to help me think of something to knit. Within the hour, I was set up with lots of yarn, some needles, and a chevron afghan pattern.

Some time later, I finished this blanket…and was totally hooked (or needled? ha ha…?) Anyway, here is Hugo testing out my blanket (and one of my knit pillows).

Screen Shot 2016-08-21 at 3.29.09 PM.png

I then made a baby blanket for a friend. And finally, began dappling in headbands. My headbands became more and more popular, and finally I began selling them. For the last two years or so I have considered opening an Etsy shop to facilitate the selling of my items. But I was always very much afraid of if I’d have enough time to produce orders, how the site worked, and if having to knit things would make me enjoy knitting less.

I’m still very much afraid of all of those things. Yet, somewhat by accident, I find myself with an Etsy shop. It’s exciting, and I have no idea what will come of it. Maybe something big, maybe nothing at all. But either way, it will be an adventure. If you would like to join me in this adventure, check out my Etsy shop, Nocita Knits. Please feel free to circulate my Etsy webpage, this blog post, my Facebook page, and/or my Instagram page! After all, I have a (not so) glamorous life in the city to fund!

The Neat & Tidy Dishcloth (Free Pattern)!

In celebration of the opening of my Etsy Shop, I have decided to share one of my patterns with you guys! If you’re a seasoned knitter, these dishcloths knit up super quickly!  If you’re new to knitting, or have never knit before, this is an excellent first project! Although I do not explain how to knit, there are many awesome YouTube tutorials out there! I used an exclamation mark in every sentence of this paragraph!

The pattern is attached as a PDF. Feel free to use this pattern for your own personal use. I encourage you to knit up tons of these bad boys for friends and family – they make great gifts! If you would like to sell your finished products, please make mention to Nocita Knits. Finally, although I can’t stop you from doing anything you want, it would be super cool if you didn’t sell this pattern as your own.

To download the pattern click here: Neat & Tidy Dishcloth


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